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  • Mindful essentials to elevate the everyday

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  1. Positive Affirmation Single Card
  2. Bubble Wax Burner
  3. Cannes Wax Burner
  4. Saint-Tropez Wax Burner
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  5. Dragon Blood Sage Smudge
  6. Amethyst Elestial Point Crystal
  7. Organic White Sage Smudge Torch
  8. Palo Santo Sticks
  9. Big Sagebrush Smudge
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  10. Selenite Cleansing Rod
  11. Rosemary Smudge
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  12. Taurus by Stella Andromeda
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  13. Bubble Midi Sculptural Candle
  14. Bubble Mini Sculptural Candle
  15. Chinon Wax Burner
  16. Gypsy Wood Sensory Incense Stick
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  17. Grounded: A Companion for Slow Living by Anna Carlile
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  18. Desert Sagebrush Smudge
  19. Pearl Sculptural Soy Candle
  20. Spark Romance by Chronicle Books
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  21. Spark Adventure by Chronicle Books