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Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks

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Palo Santo or 'Holy Wood' is a sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America. Traditionally, the earth scented wood was used by shamans, healers and elders in ritual prayer, purification ceremonies and healing. The metaphysical properties of the Palo Santo smoke purified negative energies and attracted positive ones.

It is believed that the magical and healing properties of the tree is only possible if the tree is allowed to live a full life and respectful death. Therefore, only the wood from a long, fallen tree would be used. These Palo Santo sticks have been collected in the same traditional manner. They are made from wood that comes from a rested (4-10 years) fallen tree. The fallen tree is then replaced with a seedling in efforts to restore the Palo Santo population.

Please note: price is for 1 stick.

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