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  1. Positive Affirmation Single Card
  2. Buff Wand Nano Glass Manicure Nail File
  3. Reusable Glass Straw Set of 4
  4. The Guide Me Exfoliant Wash Cloth Rouge 10cm
  5. Tea Tree and Charcoal Body Soap Bar
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  6. Olive Oil Body Soap Bar
  7. Sol y Luna Necklace
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  8. Eye of Horus Pendant
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  9. The Panthera Bandana
  10. DEMAIN PROMIS Eau de Parfum 30ml
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  11. HORS-PISTE Eau de Parfum 30ml
  12. Lola Claw
  13. Ellie Luxe Claw Large
  14. Derma Roller Spritz Cleaner 10ml
  15. Biodegradable Derma Rollers - The Bio Roller 0.5mm
  16. Pearl Sculptural Soy Candle