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  1. Reusable Glass Straw Set of 4
  2. Amethyst Elestial Point Crystal
  3. The Panthera Bandana
  4. Lola Claw
  5. Ellie Luxe Claw Large
  6. Sol y Luna Necklace
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  7. Eye of Horus Pendant
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  8. The Serpent Bandana
  9. The Tigress Bandana
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  10. Hallie Luxe Wide Tooth Comb
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  11. Soleil Bandana in Pink & Orange
  12. Ceramic Trinket Dish in Brinjal
  13. Aeolian Sunrise Art Print
  14. Valley of the Moon Art Print
  15. Desert Sands Art Print
  16. The Olympia Playing Cards in Stone
  17. Morocco II Art Print 11x14"
  18. Mirage Art Print 11x14"
  19. Palm Tree Art Print 8x10"
  20. Vacation Mode II Art Print 8x10"