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Cai & Jo

Cai & Jo are a small independent brand dedicated to creating uniquely beautiful home décor and lifestyle products. Based in London, every Cai & Jo piece is designed by founder Cody Bond, a self-taught artist and designer whose distinctive aesthetic draws inspiration from the textures, colours and shapes of the natural world.

Cai & Jo strive to make their brand as ethical and sustainable as possible, with almost all of their packaging re-used, recycled and/or recyclable, and every paper stock used being FSC assured and/or recycled. They have also become climate positive by partnering with an organisation that plants trees and funds projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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  1. Setting Sun Enamel Keychain
  2. The Panthera Bandana
  3. The Serpent Bandana
    Sold Out
  4. The Tigress Bandana
    Sold Out
  5. Soleil Bandana in Pink & Orange
  6. Tiger Enamel Keychain
  7. The Liana Blanket
  8. Corduroy Pouch in Stone
  9. Corduroy Makeup Bag in Sand
  10. Palm Embroidered Cap
  11. Ceramic Trinket Dish in Brinjal
  12. Aeolian Sunrise Art Print
  13. Valley of the Moon Art Print
  14. Desert Sands Art Print
  15. The Olympia Playing Cards in Stone
  16. Symmetry Art Print
  17. Wild Moon Art Print
  18. Marcia Art Print
  19. Protector Art Print
  20. Lemon Tree Art Print
  21. Desert Queen Art Print
  22. Happy Christmas Card
  23. End of Summer Art Print
  24. Snake Charmer Art Print